Sad happenings of the week, bitter stories

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APRIL 7, 2021
1. An American who had been posted to the United States (US) Embassy in Nairobi as the head of security committed suicide at his hotel room in Gigiri on Wednesday morning
2. A GSU attached to CS Matiang’i shoots his estranged lover dead, then blows off his own head with the same revolver
Afande was heard asking the woman “umepata mwanaume mwingine ukaniwacha” and the response was “wewe ndio umenipatia?”. There was a lull and the response was gunshots
Death is for everyone and even if no one wants to kill you, you must one day die, quickly and permanently, but those married to anyone trained to kill must be extra vigilant, and be tread very carefully
There are some kind of responses you do not give an armed man. Again, I do not intend to say the shooting was justified, no way. In any case, when you are tired shoot yourself and let others who stil want to live get on living
3. In Mombasa a motorist, driving along the Nyali Bridge, in the company of his wife makes a sudden stopover in the middle of the road, pulls up the handbrake, and plunges into the waters of the Indian Ocean, in suicide
All along the wife kept waiting, and thought maybe the guy had gone to empty his bladder and was still shaking well after use and woud return to her, only to hear noise of something falling into the water and screams from onlookers
By the time a man chooses to try an aquatic life with the sharks and fishes of the ocean, then life with his fellow human beings on land, has pushed him to the wall. Nonetheless, we do not advocate any suicide!
Condolence to the families of the bereaved. From the Hoof-Eaters desk, we condemn suicide but looking at it from a different perspective, people who commit suicide are daredevils who go looking a beast called death, for that which every other person is scared of, others are praying others are crying to avoid it!
Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters

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