IMF Loan simplified by Dr. Wandia Njoya

By Wanjia Njoya

Imagine I go to a cyber, print my photo on a paper.

Then I come and knock on your door. You welcome me in, and then I tell you: “Here, I have printed a photo of me.”

You find that strange, but you politely tell me ‘It’s a nice photo.”

Then I tell you “Here, you must have it.”

You say “well, that’s nice, but don’t you want to give it to a family member?”

Then I get annoyed. I tell you “No! You must have this photo. And in exchange, you must give me your land, your resources, and any work you do.”

Si you’ll think I’m crazy? You’ll tell me, “I didn’t ask for your photo, but you dare demand that I pay you for something I didn’t want? With my work and my resources?”

Then I calm down and tell you, “well, look outside your window.”

You look, and you see an army of soldiers with sophisticated weapons.

Then I tell you, “either you take this photo and agree to servitude, or those people outside will shoot you and take your property anyway. At least you can use the photo to come beg for the crumbs from the food which I took from you. I’m kind like that.”

That is what IMF loans are. Those guys have printed dollars and created bank accounts with numbers. Those papers mean nothing. They can’t eat papers, wear papers, drive papers, etc. So to convert those papers into tangible things, they go to countries and tell clueless presidents that they will give us colored papers (dollars), but in return we must give them our work and our property.

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And if we don’t? They tell us about their weapon arsenal and what they will do to us. Their weapons include media blitz, sanctions and actual bombs and tankers.

That behavior of tantrums, violence and useless trinkets has been called by the Anglos “civilization.” The IMF calls it “loan facilities.”

What do you think?

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