Scores killed in Mandera attack by Alshabaab

Militia Group Alshabab kills a couple of people at Dagahkut area in Kutulo Wajir After Attacking passengers travelling in a Medina Bus heading Mandera at around 5pm today…

It is said that 8 people have been confirmed dead and several others injured after suspected Al Shabaab militia attacked a bus they were travelling in at Wargadudu village, Tarabaj constituency Wajir County.

The Medina bus was enroute to Mandera from Nairobi before suspected alshabab militants ambushed killing 8 passengers.

Tension is currently high in Kutulo town as report reveals the militant separated the passengers into two groups shooting down all the non-locals on board.

The incident occurred between Wargadud and Kutulo town
The bus is currently in kutulo wajir police station, 3 non locals escaped one Small child was left unharmed

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