Miguna promises to flush Uhuru out of power

By Miguna Miguna

Despot Muigai Uhuru Kenyatta and Con-Man Raila Odinga are not looking for nor are they interested in peace, unity and inclusivity among Kenyans; they are looking for WAR. Their #BBI Fraud is nothing but an excuse to start a CIVIL WAR against everyone opposed to DYNASTIC TYRANNY.

Despot Kenyatta should be forced out of power for
-Subverting the Constitution.
– Abuse of power.
– Undermining the Judiciary.
-Disobeying Court Orders.
– Using OT Morpho/Idemia and Cambridge Analytica to steal elections.
– Maiming and killing Kenyans.
– For presiding over criminal plunder and looting.
#DespotsMustFall #RejectBBI

Despot Muigai Kenyatta is disrespectful and treats Kenyan adults like children. He deludes himself that Mt Kenya “leaders” are his children or slaves that he can order around. Patriots, teach this drunkard a lesson he won’t forget in his stupor.

He attended a hand over ceremony for an outpatient clinic developed by the a Japanese. Has the despot become Japanese? Why did he not build the dispensary with public funds or the trillions he and members of his family have looted?

That’s what Sh 8 million can do. Yet, the despot and con-man wasted Sh 11 Billion ($100 million) in a useless 155-page despotic yellow rag.

Next time the drug addict will be opening a pit latrine built by his thieving mistress Waiguru before yelling about how “great” and “development conscious” she is. He shouted at Kenyans to “read the report and decide.” Now he is yelling that everyone must be quiet except his zombies.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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