CS Mwangi Kiunjuri must be sacked, very incompetent- Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu

By Ngunjiri Wambugu via fb


Mwangi Kiunjuri is trying to provoke the President so that he can be fired, and then he can come to the Mt Kenya people as a victim and mobilise an as renegade.

We – the Mt Kenya people – are not foolish. This man has completely failed our region despite having such a critical docket. We are now demanding that he be fired – ourselves – then we will see what lies he will come to us with.

Watch this space

Let me ask a very simple question to those who were in Embu.

In that meeting I saw Ichungwa , chairman of budget committee in parliament, Moses Kuria, a member of the same committee and CS kiunjuri the executive lead on matters you keep talking about … Milk, Tea, Coffee, Pyrethrum etc .

What is it that you will do going moving forward beyond these paid meetings that you couldn’t have done in the last 7 years ? Why are you lying to us Kenyans that you are meeting over our welfare while you are actually doing the opposite?

If there is anything wrong in Agriculture it is those leading the budget committee that approves any money coming out of the exchequer, and the CS responsible for that line ministry that should be the first on the chopping board.

So stop hiding behind your Ruto-2022 ambitions using the farmers plight. You don’t care one minute about them. If you did we wouldn’t have been where we are with all your powers in the budget committee. We wouldn’t be here if CS Kiunjuri did his job as the executive lead of the Agriculture sector. We would have less of Kimwarer and Arror type of scandals if you truly did your oversight job as MPs. We would have none of the National debts if you played an oversight role properly.

If all this happened under your watch we can only conclude you are part of the problem chain and are just positioning yourselves on the looting conveyor belt.


What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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