Will BBI save Kenya from divisive elections?

By Martin Shikuku.
Building Bridges Initiative, a task force that was formed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga after 2017 post-election violence that left hundreds of Kenyans losing their lives and property.
According to the two it was the BBI that is going to save Kenya from the divisive elections, the task-force was charged with responsibility of moving around the country collecting views from Kenyans on how to end divisive elections, electoral injustices, inclusivity in the national government among other things.
But has these comes out from the BBI report that was released to the public? Certainly not, the task force tends to have given the president more Powers than the 2010 constitution, why?, The president will appoint and fire the prime minister at will, he will also do so with the cabinet which is contrary to the 2010 constitution that requires any appointment is done with the approval of parliament, the president again remain the chief executive of the country, he is the commander in chief of defense forces,he is the head of government,he appoint ambassadors and may recall them at will.
What does this means, the presidency will remain hotly consted,it will still be a do or die, therefore divisive elections won’t be solve,and the question of inclusivity has not been properly handled.
The report also proposes that the IEBC be reconstituted where by political parties send their representatives and they serve understand contract. Will this solve electoral injustices, not really,if it was to be done then talk of the Secretariat because even if you change the commissioners twenty times but still have the old Secretariat forget about solving election wars and deaths.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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