By Debra Sharon (Youth pastor)

One of the common dreams that people experience is having sexual intercourse with another person. Many times those who have such dreams interpret they’re ‘spiritually married’ to somebody else. However, those dreams are often a night time continuation of fleshly lusts.
Often, the individuals involved have experienced several sexual encounters with people or are having sex in their minds with every attractive person they meet. Such dreams sometimes reveal the state of our minds and hearts. There’s something known as filthy dreams and there are people known as filthy dreamers he he they defile the flesh and despise dominion, they go against what God intended for the precious gift of sex He gave us. Dear you who’s been told you’re married to a spiritual husband; it is time to stop placing the blame on a marine spirit or a curse. It is time to face up to the reality that filthy dreams come from a place of carnal nature that has been allowed to have it’s way Time and time again. Paul said that he controlled his flesh. Romans 7:18.
Vs 20 puts it so well.. Now, if I do what I will not do, it is no longer I who do it but sin that dwells in me. Read all the way to vs 25. You can put your mind and body under subjection. Is it the will of God for you to be having sexual intercourse with spiritual husband’s? Haha no.
For this is the will of God,your sanctification that you should abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you should know how to posses his own vessel in sanctification and honor not like people who do not know God.We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood because we can easily put the flesh under subjection.. But most religious people spend hours rebuking the spiritual husband/wife and the only thing they should do is to think pure and higher thoughts, stop being lustful.Stop fornicating and fight principalities and powers with the full armor of God..Purity involves our whole being not just your body…it’s your heart, mind, soul and spirit.



Her Highness?.

I am here if you wish to stone me??

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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