Mobile money transaction fraud at cooperative bank, customers cry foul

Customers at Co-Operative Bank of Kenya I’ve tried on social media for what they termed as daytime robbery.

The agitated customers lamented on different transaction costs that have been occurring every time they buy airtime or withdraw money.

Although the cooperative bank scrapped off some charges yesterday most of them still believe that they overcharged for some services in the bank. Here are some sentiments from the angry customers.

Most customers are thinking of leaving the bank due to comments

Victorine Akinyi I once received 1300 but ended up withdrawing 800 after coop reversing my transaction twice.

Kamirara Kamirara Coop Bank have been stealing us blind. Ati 35 Bob for a text message. Ghasia sana

Jeffrey Mburu Co-op bank is one of the most expensive banks in kenya
Elijah Njuguna I left this bank due to high transaction charges. The charge as safaricom to transfer money to your MPesa
Teacher Bunde Balance inquiry charges? So, if you had a 0 balance and you checked, your new balance will be negative the amount charged?
Dorine Owiti Co-operative bank,mambo ya loans ndio sasa imebaki.mnatusumbua sana or we move to equity????

Gichy Hellena Mbona Msieke pesa kwa kcb mpesa hiyo withdrawing charges inauma Sana kwa sikumoja niliwithdraw kcb na card ya co- operative was charged 200shs for 15000 never again?????

Stanley Yule Stano Imagine we’re being charged almost 40 shillings just inquiring balance..

Amele N Amele That was ridiculous. A whooping 35/-. Hii Kenya imejaa wizi sana

Evans Bosire That balance inquiry charges made me leave the bank long time ago..they have several hidden charges.

Laib Hassan The co bank is digital thieves , this morning I went to atm in order to withdrew some cash through my phone unfortunately they dedicated their changes and failed to submit the cash to me. Very organized thugs

Ndung’u Robert This bank is too expensive, how do charge 30 bob to buy 100 airtime, 80+30 bob to transfer 5 K

Dan Kemboi Thats a good idea the nxt thing should to reduce or scrap the charges incurred in buying credit

Ezra Uthant But the bank is useless, they can promise you 15,000Kshs loan for three years then they tell you, ” the loan was not approved”

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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