William Ruto opportunistic tendency won’t allow him to oppose Building Bridges initiative(BBI)

When Alexander Hamilton, the US first secretary of Treasury said that those who stand for nothing fall for anything,I don’t think he was refering to particular individual ,but today if he resurrects ,he will directly point his finger at William Ruto.

William Ruto stands for nothing and falls for anything, prove me wrong and tell me what he has stood for in his political life.

He’s an ethnic chauvnist who belongs to the museum of history, keeps on blaming Raila for everything including nothing,he doesn’t have agenda for kenya,except anti raila sentiments , and by doing so ,he fools himself that kenyans gonna vote for him.

Kenyans are not willing to vote for an individual who is perfected in the politics of blackmailing, name calling ,character assassination ,shadow boxing,petty and childish politics as we have witneessed in Ruto and allies.

Days when reckless attack on Odinga family was used by opportunistic politicians to get favour from govt are all gone,the sooner they realize the better , so they can start engaging in politics of ideals .

Kenyans know very well that national leadership is a collective responsibility and before you blame Raila A mollo Odinga, you must tell us what you have achieved in nation building and your plan for generation to come,not about Raila Amolo Odinga 24/7.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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