Hyprocites ‘Leaders’ like Mr. Ahmed Adullahi should be quarantined

BY Balozi Roble via fb
In the last year’s election, Wajir County has witnessed what we call political turmoil. A turmoil ignited by one individual and his political cohorts and henchmen.Who was that person who created political turmoil? What was the reason for the political turmoil?

The political turmoil was fire up by the former Wajir County Governor Ahmed Abdullahi( putting on the sky blue suit, red tie, and the Islamic Koffia) after he was defeated by his political counterpart H.E Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud who is the current Wajir County Boss. The reason for the political turmoil was that Mr. Abdullahi sited discrepancies and election malpractices leading to his defeat.

My point is not to bring to the public limelight what Wajir County went through in the corridors of justice which was spearheaded by Mr. Abdullahi and his close political associates. But my point is to bring out the high octane level hypocrisy in Mr. Abdullahi’s bloodstream and hard-headed head. Why? This is because during his quest for ‘justice’ in the courts Mr Abdullahi was advised by the Degodia Community from all shades not to take his brother who is H.E Mohamed Abdi Mohamud to a Court because it is not the norms and cultures of two sons from Yeber Gabow of Badhanow Degodia locking horns as other people watch their political wrangles.

Also, the Degodia Elders went on to give Mr. Abdullahi a case scenario of the 2013 polls where H.E. Mohamed Abdi Mohamud conceded defeat even when Mr. Abdullahi won that election through the dubious process. Unfortunately, the ever defiant Mr. Abdullahi turned deaf ears what Degodias elders were telling him and went on with his quest of seeking justice. Adding an insult to an injury, Mr. Abdullahi’s case went to query H.E. Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud’s academic papers and his intellectual life journey.

After several court battles, the Supreme Court of Kenya upheld the elections of H.E Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

Therefore, it is the highest level of hypocrisy of Mr. Abdullahi to come out from his prolong sabbatical leave from politics in the name of joining other Degodia Elders,Leaders ,mothers and Intellectuals during yesterday’s maiden visit of Degodia’s Wabar Abdille in Nairobi ,Kenya. As we know Wabar Abdille who hails from Abrisha sub-tribe of Degodia is one of the unifying factors from time immemorial to date.

Additionally, the likes of Mr. Abdullahi and crew who defied the advice of Degodia Elders from the word go shouldn’t pretend to be saint. They should be quarantined and not included in the entrigue who are welcoming Wabar Abdille. They are hypocrites and should be avoided like a plague.

Meanwhile, I’m taking this opportune moment to welcome our King Wabar Abdille to Kenya as he tours to Wajir and Mandera counties.

Balozi Roble, is the son of Legend Roble, Freethinker, a Freelance Journalist ( Print Journalist) and an aspiring Kenya’s Permanent Representative and the Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva,Switzerland.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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