BBI must go for a referendum-ODM


The #BBIPeoplesReport has a lot of issues to do with all 47 Million of us Kenyans. Please read it. Once you have read, discussed and understood it, demand to be part of the process of deciding what stays and what goes; directly. This 12th Parliament hasn’t raised 2/3 since we got in. We will not start with a document that some fought with everything they have.

And – Lets be real.

You have been pregnant for 9 months. Your neighbor has been insisting you should not have this baby; that the baby is illegitimate; that the baby will be deformed; that the baby isn’t needed; etc. But once the baby is born healthy and well formed your neighbor is now insisting that you give the baby over to them to bring up. Your neighbor did not change overnight. They just want a chance to kill the newborn baby.


What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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