Why Ruto should obey President Uhuru for him to succeed in 2022

Ruto and his sycophants’ ‘support’ for the BBI was cosmetic,deceptive and was only meant to jump over the handing-over and the launch ceremonies.why??
Kenyans must know…

-that Ruto is building his 2022 politics around his defiance for and ‘tough headedness’ against Uhuru and his endless attacks on Raila Odinga.

This is the magnetic magic he is using to glue his constituency around him. This works in two ways
1:-when he attacks and seems to be having his way,his sycophants sees him as a brave indomitable warrior who can subdue any opponent and overcome any challenge.people love to associated with the brave.

2:-when he attacks and is badly injured by his opponents, his sycophants sees him as a weak victim being targeted by state agencies.they then come around to ‘protect’ him.
Both cards are working for him.
-coming out to support BBI, an initiative driven by Uhuru and Raila, his greatest ‘enemies’,exposed him as subdued,beaten, weak and overrated.he lacked options.but that is not what he wants his sycophants to know.

-Siding with Uhuru and MOSTLY Raila will make him lose his strategy.he must be ‘defiant’ every time. He therefore must quickly crawl back to the other side and start firing the usual bullets…’wale watu’…’yule jamaa’…blah.. blah.

His lieutenants like Kipchietha and Sholei have started the journey back home and he is soon being there.
#you know how they behaved with power.

#you now see how they are behaving without power.
#you can only imagine how they would behave with raw power.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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