People took oaths and voted for people indicted for killing, sad

By Wandia Njoya via fb

How do I explain what the soul is?

How can I explain it in a country where everything must be measured by money and other metrics?

How can I explain it in a country where a new education system has corrupted the relationship between parents and children, and the parents have celebrated it?

How can I explain it when people celebrated their children being prepared for jobs at the age of 4?

How can I explain it when people took oaths and voted for people indicted for killing?

How can I explain it when any invitation to Kenyans to reflect on their issues receives an immediate “what’s your solution?” because Kenyans can’t recognize the value of anything that does not bring money?

How do I explain it in a country that fights the arts and humanities because they don’t build bridges and roads, or bring tenders and money?

Because if you tell me how Kenyans can understand what the soul is, they would understand what is wrong with a people’s constitution being replaced by a constitution written by the ruling elites.

A people’s constitution has the people’s soul. It has the pride and the blood of the people. It has a sense of accomplishment. What BBI has done is not in the content of the document. It’s in the soul. The ruling class has annulled the decades of struggle, the sense of accomplishment, and told us that we are nothing unless the ruling class tells us we are. That people actually sat and wrote a document, without involving us, without telling us that they wanted to replace our constitution, has to be the greatest insult of all.


BBI is neoliberalism. Because neoliberalism doesn’t change what you do. It changes the reason WHY you do it. And the reason is not you. The reason is those who control you.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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