Uhuru, Raila launches BBI report, deep intrigues revealed

By Philip Nyamai via fb

No reforms no elections song that we sang has been well captured in the BBI Report. If it goes through as it is then, there is going to be a level playing field. Mahandaki yote yametolewa. Canaan ochiek kabur.

Look, the BBI report has recommended the enhancement of the capacity of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to deliver free and fair elections by;

• Removing all current Commissioners and establishing a new Commission for the next election.

• Providing that all IEBC staff serve on 3 year contracts that can be renewed only once, so that every new Commission can determine its own direction rather than become a captive of the IEBC Secretariat.

• Hiring all Returning Officers through a system similar to that of hiring Commissioners.
• Returning officers be contracted on a part-time basis and should not oversee more than one general election.

• Opening up qualifications for the Chairmanship of IEBC so that it is not a
preserve for lawyers but anyone with at least 15 years’ experience in a senior management level.

• Making the Chairman of IEBC the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission so that he is not undermined by the Secretary who is currently the CEO.

• Giving the leaders of political parties a role in the recruitment of IEBC Commissioners to enhance support for the Commission from political contestants.

I know the nature and structure of the national executive that has been proposed in the BBI report inawachanganya kidogo.

Either way way, the executive had to be more inclusive and ensure as many Kenyan communities as possible feel part of the government. It is this view that led to the introduction of Prime Minister and office of the leader of opposition.

DP Ruto has no chance to become President nor be elected PM. With his greed and ego, he will automatically go for Presidency and lose terribly since he is having no numbers, will never get those numbers neither will reforms at the IEBC favour him.

If he decides to go for MP seat, his party will not be from coalition of parties that are a majority in National Assembly neither will he appear to have support of majority of the members of the National Assembly.

There is need for deputies for the President and prime minister as Mr Francis Atwoli has suggested.
Tanga Tanga

”After Tangatanga realized they have been cornered, they made a quick U-turn to support something they have neither read nor believed in. They are now saying there is no need for referendum because they don’t have people to vote for their wish but have stolen money to buy MPs. But again whether there will be a referendum or not is a legal question, not a popular political one. On whether to expand executive or not, that thing is good as it has been proposed.

BBI report has proved a point that President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E Raila Odinga are visionary leaders.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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