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Hop house lager is the coming together of class and taste. The bottle is rounder and looks wider than the traditional beers we are used to seeing. Actually, it feels a bit retro with every product around it trying to look minimalist and futuristic . The fat bottle with “Hop House ” in big red letters is handy to hold and somehow looks like it should have 600 ml of beer.
Now, we know none of you guys buy beer for the bottle so let’s dive right into the content. The beer is supposed to be a lager but the first sip quickly gives anyone who has tried the Tusker premium ale a sense of “Deja brew”(I have tasted a brew like this before feeling). It tastes like a combination of Tusker lager without the boredom and the premium ale without the flowery over-tastefulness. It’s an almost perfect drink compared to the two and despite the hop claim, you can definitely taste the hops more on a Guinness than on the hop house. I think the sub-par performance of the Tusker premium ale go the brewer thinking, “ let us sell a lager in the image of the previous ale but tastes a little bit more like lager” (Coz it is not the 18th century England and Kenyans don’t drink “ale”). They made it and when they beheld it the thought it was good. Then they told Adam from PR and Marketing to give it a name and he thought, “an ale in a lager cooked in the same sufurias that cook Guinness and almost no hops. Let us call it hop house so at least there is something hoppy about it. They were pleased with the name and slapped the red sticker on it. Well it is the newest beer in town and what can I say, it is still better than anything else in the market if you ask me. Please put the stones down whitecap and Tusker drinkers we know you are more loyal to your booze than your girlfriends so that is just my opinion. Which is righter than yours”.

What do you think?

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