Bob Annex’s club owner Joel Thitima raped me in Ruiru

By Mercy Abok

A 26 year old woman was raped in Ruiru by a club owner known as Joel Thitima. The lady whose name i cannot disclose for matters security,posted at Kilimani mums group on facebook and explained her horrendous experience.
The single mother of two kids narrated how she met Bob Annex’s club owner who was supposed to interview her for a waitress position in his club at around 2pm,but for unknown reasons Joel arrived at his club around 8.30pm.The lady was patient enough to wait for him till that time since she was desperate to get a job just to help her raise her two kids.
She added that Mr Joel and his driver,Mwaniki ordered some whiskey while she took delmonte.
They talked after she gave him her documents.She later realized that it was getting late and she used her fare to buy delmonte.The lady asked the two men to drive her home and they agreed.On their way home things went south after the driver made a wrong turn and stopped the V8 car.That’s when Joel walked out of the car and dragged the lady along then for efully raped her.He later told Mwaniki in kikuyu to rape her too but he refused.”gikie nakou mahutini “kana niukuhura umwe”said Joel.
Here is what the lady posted on facebook:
“Mugithi lovers from Ruiru Kimbo please help me out??
You all know Bob’s Annex club owned by Joel(Thitima)
So I was in search of a job(waitress) a friend gave me his phone number so we decided to meet on a certain day,it was on Friday last week but one.
We met with him with the documents he told me to carry…am typing this while crying because men are so inhuman…We we’re to meet in the afternoon that is around saa nane but he came too late at around 8:30pm… Mum’s i had to wait because I was desperately looking for a job to raise my two kids and am 26 yrs…when he came a place was set for us.I handed over my documents but he told me to wait they are going to drop me home…so I waited patiently because usiku ni rare upate mats za home na sikua na doh ati ningebook room nidoz,I ordered delmonte while him and his driver took JD.
His driver’s name is Mwaniki??
But I saw he had no good intentions juu from day one he has been telling me to send photos seems he liked me he never knew what I was going through.
They got drunk and they started some sort of disrespect…so after wamemaliza kukunywa we went to his V8…
Thw driver did not drive to where I was to alight,they diverted the way???
I told mwaniki to take me home since he was the one who was driving but he said “usiogope kaschana”???
Women I wish you know the pain of getting raped??
Thitima ordered Mwaniki to alight from the vehicle akapark place sikujua ni wapi.Nilingangana,I screamed loudly but he pulled a gun from his pocket ordering me to keep quiet ????
Nilishiwa nguvu mum’s?? he tore my clothes,removed his and demanded sex from me …I requested him to get Condoms when I mentioned that word he strangled me accompanied with painful slaps?????????
Yes,he fucked me without condoms…He raped me.He later threw me out of his vehicle then Mwaniki came over and he was told “gikie nakou mahutini “kana niukuhura umwe…he was asking mwaniki kama atanifuck but he dint..
Could thitima be infected with HIV/AIDS??..”
I took this story to whatsapp just to get to hear people’s point of view on the ordeal.
Here are some of their reactions:
“Be aware.expecialy ladies.thankyou!”
“This is quite heartbreaking.??.”
“Don’t get into strangers vehicles..”
“Don’t meet up people for favours-men always think sex is the ultimate price(she should have given her CV to the manager instead).”
“Don’t sit and have drinks with a potential employer-to him you are desperate and they think u can do anything to get that job.”
“Lastly,do not, again, don’t sleep with anyone for a job.or put yourself in a position that looks like you would.that’s not how God blesses his people.Survival instincts.”
“We must help her by spreading the word…it’s so sad????.”
“Always fear the type of guys who tell you to send your photos first then later ask you to bring your documents.Someone from this group posted a certain job early this year then i inboxed the owner of the job advert akaanza kuniambia nimtumie(he started telling me to send) photos he started liking me akasema tumeet lunch hr nilete documents??(he said we meet for lunch and that i should also carry my documents)Hivyo ndio nilimblock juu (I knew it was a trap and that’s how i ended up blocking him).”
” There’s Prep in case of anything go any hospital. I remember I was once raped it helped me.”
“Advice to this generaly no matter how desperate you are for a job,past 3pm just go home coz there’s no interview or paper dropping.Sad to this and hope all will be well with that lady”
This story should be a lesson to everyone not only ladies.It is not good to trust strangers since the world isnot safe and everyday rape cases arise.Women get raped and killed while men get sodomized.Not everyone has good intentions,some want to infect others with HIV/AIDS while others are just inhumane to have a conscience.Just be careful and never be desperate to get a job,start a small business and pray for the right Job it will come through God’s approval.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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