Blogger Abraham Mutai narrates how a lady almost raped him, boy-child under siege

By Abraham Mutai via fb

The following screenshots are from my private messages with a beautiful lady called Winfred Mumbua. I have nothing against her but I have decided to use them to teach some of you a valuable lesson. Kindly note that I rarely share private messages, so don’t fear texting me.

In the first screenshot, this lady comes into my messages and she says hi. I respond as usual. I do respond to all messages.

She then sends me a message talking about internet opportunities. Since the message was vague and blanket, I decide to ask her to elaborate. All the while I have paused building the nation and was talking to her. Giving her a piece of my most valuable time.

To my shock she responded like a robot. Out of the blues giving me her number and even inviting me to her whatsap and assuming I’m already interested.

You see, some of us here we are quite informed on tech matters and we can’t easily be fooled. First it is quite rude to not answer questions and just conclude while you need a client. Secondly it’s very rude to use automated system to respond to someone like me. My time is so valuable that you can’t afford to engage a robot to speak with me when I have paused an important national exercise to speak with you. It’s rude, foolish and utterly Unacceptable.

I therefore told her the same. I told her it’s not proper and she must stop acting like a fool. At this point, the robot disappeared and she blocked me. Automated system can’t block anyone. It’s a human to block you. Therefore I realised she was following the conversation and is the one who blocked me.

The moral here is, you must learn how to treat people. You need their time? Be ready to engage and Speak like a human to another human. Not because you have a pretty face smeared with excessive make up, you think we will just fall over heels. Make the effort. Speak. Convince. Don’t be a robot while you need clients. Huyu msichana Winfred Mumbua Hana Adabu. Shame on you.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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