Why Raila’s supporters have always been defiant and progressive,loyal

By Felix Oryema via fb

The millions supporters of Raila Amolo Odinga have never been afraid of tomorrow , because they have seen yesterday and they are enjoying to day. We can’t be scared of who is going to occupy state house because whoever will occupy it must fully recognize us. We are aware that nothing of importance can be won in peace which has not already been won in the war itself , our principles guide us to fight, and know what our line of solution will be especially for details which cannot be judiciously worked out under the pressure of war. The purpose of BBI is so clear, so lofty and so well defined for everyone to see, but if you think it’s only for Raila Odinga and you simply oppose it to punish him, please don’t think twice just oppose but remember that after 2017 general election it was William Ruto who tried four times to reach out to Raila Amolo Odinga before Uhuru outsmarted him with Handshake with Raila Amolo Odinga. We appreciated your efforts in trying to send him to Bondo and we still have some gratitude for you in your attempt to oppose BBI.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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