My ex-girlfriend died of HIV/AIDS- Rapper Khaligraph Jones

Kenyan top rapper khaligraph Jones has broken the airwaves after revealing the sad ending of his ex girlfriend Rubby Jezebel.

Khaligraph who for a long time speaks his mind broke the news through a rap song of how Ruby ended up dying because of HIV and AIDS.

The top rapper disclosed that he met the beautiful queen at a stage in Buruburu during his high school days. From going to church to being loyal to the man of his life Khaligraph described the beautiful Ruby as a charming lady who he thought their relationship could end in marriage but things didn’t progress like he imagined.

Khaligraph said that they continued dating even after completing their form four levels and hoped for the best despite the lady getting a well-paying job compared to him who act as a waiter in a hotel.

Rubby worked as a receptionist in Westlands which paid her double salary compared to the rapper was earning by then.

Day by day things started changing , Rubby started missing Church services ignoring the man she’s been having his attention for long but as if things was still in doubt 1-day pass calligraphy in a range Rover we surprised The ghetto boy from kayole.

After long-time of ”inboxing” her on Facebook the charming lady answered his texts and accepted to meet in town but surprisingly she didn’t turn up leaving the young man from siaya county miserable and ashamed.

To what came as a surprise was that 4 days after the planned meeting that aborted Khaligraph received a text that Ruby had passed on as a result of HIV and AIDS.

The gorgeous lady who confused the young waiter cum artist left a letter requesting for an apology after messing up the artist’s heart during their the long relationship.

The tough revelation was made when the artist sit down on the floor spicing it up with good music.

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