Moses Kuria’s politics killed by handshake, abusive job is over

By Onyango Ochieng Junior via fb

Caller : OOJr what’s your take on Anne Waiguru?

OOJr: She is an amazing woman. Immensely popular! Elected by a landslide. Breathtakingly disarmed and easily outran a seasoned Goliath called Martha Karua. That’s no mean achievement. Her path is paved with greatness…

Caller :But OOJr, her critics are hitting the high gear, why? Listen to Cate Waruguru…

OOJr: Cate is part of a rented radicalized mob that long lost touch with commonsense, logic and honesty. Her brain functions like a battery-powered egg. The lady needs urgent psychiatric help before she slides into a point of no return.

Caller: What about Moses Kuria, he is firing destructive salvos at Anne ?

OOJr: Moses is a political tragedian, fatally wounded by fate due to a series of faulty assumptions/miscalculations and bogus philosophy. Lift the mask of bitterness from his face, you will find a roaring rat. The ‘politician’ in Moses died immediately Uhuru had a handshake with Raila. Wisdom dictates that Moses should be busy holding a funeral service for his dead-decaying political career.

Caller: OOJr but what about the muted wave of disaffection from the ordinary kikuyu folks on the streets?

OOJr : Am scratching my noggin….wondering aloud. 2013/2017 Anne was the poster-girl of the community’s emancipation, she was their distinguished darling. She has now outgrown the community strutting into the national platter. Her sudden meteoric rise has dismantled egos and demolished dreams of many political jobbers and career politicians who long joined the game before her. It’s normal for their cups and the cup of their supporters to overflow with jealousy. That’s the reason behind this tsunami of disinformation and smear against Anne.

Caller: OOJr, but some question her record at the ministry men, what changed…

OOJr : Those are morally-incompetent, intellectually-dishonest, dangerously-deluded nasty critics. Didn’t they see all that in 2017 when she was their sweetheart?

Caller: OOJr what did you smoke bro?

OOJr : ??????bye

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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