Harsh reality after school, disguise

By Winnie Kihuga via fb

College is a joyous time in people’s lives, when drinking on weekdays is encouraged and the future seems brighter than that Colgate boy’s teeth. Living in campus hostels blinds us from the harsh realities of today’s economic situation. It is all good until we graduate from university.

Life after campus is everyone’s dreams. It is a joy to finish school and look forward to graduation. I had visions of how mine would be. I would go to bed and see myself in beauty parlors, gone for a vacation in Paris and driving a fancy car three months after my graduation. But as they say ” kwa ground vitu ni different”.

During these tough times,we are forced to learn to live. To learn to accept our situations and work around them. Forced to detach ourselves from ourselves from our mothers’ pockets and fend for ourselves. We are forced to grow up.

I met a former classmate who was fond of saying that she wouldn’t accept a job that would pay anything below Sh.50,000. However, she was shocked when she begun looking for a job, and it quickly dawned upon her that finding employment outside here is strenuous. Right now, she doesn’t mind working for lunch and fare only. Looking for a job has become her only job.

People assume that just because you have a degree, you’re set and you are going to get a job right after college. We are living at a time where finding jobs is becoming harder to do and have reduced ourselves to the “THERE ARE NO JOBS” mentality.

No jobs followed me after graduation. As a matter of fact, I went looking for them. No one really talked to me about job hunting. Truth be told, job hunting is a serious affair. It requires time, energy and a lot of planning.

I sent 10 to 15 applications a day. I was happy to even get a rejection mail back from an employer because you could send hundreds of applications and never get a reply back. I then got a job as a sales representative which I wasn’t comfortable with. I was later advised by my mentor to change my attitude toward the job. I’m a happy soul to announce today that I got my dream job.

My advice to young people is to know that when you find yourself in a job that you hate it is hard to maintain a positive outlook and keep up an enthusiastic attitude. Even if you are in your dream job, it’s not uncommon to get in a funk every now and then where you struggle to get up in the morning to face the day. Now your body sees stress as stress, so if you are dreading going to work each day, this is going to be sapping your energy, affecting your choices and is going to have an affect on your health.
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