Sagana declaration by president Uhuru


1. THAT President Uhuru Kenyatta remains the spokesperson of the Mt Kenya region now and in the future.

2. THAT people should not speculate on the content of BBI. We shall have an opportunity to review and debate the report before adoption.

3. THAT BBI should address the issue of one man one vote and equal representation, inclusivity and promote national unity and peaceful coexistence.

4. THAT the President will engage with the Central Kenya leaders again to address the economic problems facing the region and will move from county to county starting with Meru.

5. THAT democracy should not be based on fear, but on values that promote good governance, good leadership and national unity.

6. THAT all elected leadership should concentrate on solving the problems of the people.

7. THAT corrupt leaders should be atleast 10 yards from leadership

8. THAT the President was not elected alone, he was elected alongside governors, Senators, MPs, MCAs and all must play their role and blame for failure or success must be collective. Each must do their job with utmost dedication.

9. THAT the handshake has brought peace and tranquility in the country and should be supported. The unity of the people of Kibra despite the division among leaders during the by-election in Kibra is a fruit of the handshake.

10. THAT only God knows who will be elected president in 2022 and leaders should stop early campaigns and dividing the people.


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Written by Mighty Diamond


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