Jubilee party is DEAD, DP Ruto should go for its death certificate

By Duke Shem

Weeks later after the kibra elections which staged a head to head collision between Tangatanga and Kieleweke camps, political heat remains high in the country with political hashtags ruling the social media platforms for the last two weeks.

One fact we all must agree is that in this case, ODM had an upper hand from the legislation chambers, with Baba receiving support from a contingent of MPs and governors from the ruling party which had its candidate in the race. In short, this is to mean the deputy president who is also the deputy leader of the jubilee party has no (or very little) control in the party

The president’s absence rather silence from the kibra race had a very big implication as much the jubilee party is concerned, I mean all of us remember the Uhuruto twins during the last general elections, the unity, the love the vigor and the declarations, Zangu kumi halafu Ruto ashikilie zake kumi. However much Ruto tried to hoax him to the race including the fake Mariga connotation at the house on the hill, Ngina’s son remained cold on the plan forcing Ruto to import village politicians from western to try their luck but well all of us saw what happened to Khalwale, Jogoo wa kijijini hawiki mjini.

At the moment , Uhuru seems to the latest hot chick on these political streets, with both Baba and Ruto struggling for his attention and support, it brings to the glance the Mt. Kenya issue. He is in full control of the region and even those who feel like being rebellious freeking when he speaks. Those who have dared test the waters have received their share of the wrath, I guess all of us know what happened to Waititu.

That’s why the Sagana lodge meeting now commonly known as the Sagana declaration was convened to affirm Kamwana’s control of the rich vote region, well it was dubbed a development meeting but I can bet you it was from that, perusing through the requirements to attend the meeting, (no phones, watches, earrings or any metallic were allowed in) I tend to think that there was more that was discussed than that was released to the media
Anyway, among the ten points that were officially released as the declaration, the fourth one captured my attention. The BBI issue will be achieved on consensus not campaign.

Baba’s foot soldiers have really enjoyed Ruto’s abandonment at Kibra by the Mt Kenya prince, and by abandonment I mean, jubilee could have easily used the system as they did in the 2017 elections but decided to let it play it fair, we can’t dispute the fact that ODM won but then credit is to Ruto who stormed the bedroom with little support from the party but scooped half of the votes they scored.

After the victory, they declared that they had now learnt to protect the vote (sic) and had all their guns turned towards the BBI campaign. Baba wants Uhuru to let them (Ruto and him) settle their political contest with the BBI, Uhuru says he wants consensus and Ruto is unpredictable.

With both Ruto and Baba’s hopes clinging to Uhuru for their 2022 success, a meeting will be convened in the house on the hill and one of them will be crucified, but who will it be?

Duke Shem is a political analyst currently doing his undergraduate course at Egerton University.

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