Hon Moses Kuria is a toxic perfume, reject him

I’ve always told you that Moses Kuria is a domestic terrorist whose mouth is overflowing with endless foolishness. The ONLY topic this psychotic jackass can dismantle eloquently is circumcision.

Anything beyond penis politics, turns Moses into garbage the way carbon dioxide turns lime water milky–instantly.

This morning, I remembered Moses wears cloths made in China- they don’t circumsize! He drives a car made in UK and incidentally speaks 3rd grade English made in UK- they don’t circumsize! He sprays perfumes made in France – They don’t circumsize! He even drinks whisky made in Moldova – They don’t circumsize! Assuming he drives those Japanese cars–They don’t circumsize!

Moses is an irredeemable imbecile. With his circumsion which is the only badge of honor he senselessly bandies around apart from hate speech… Moses even uses a toothpick made in China – where people don’t circumsize! He now needs to circumcise his mind to make it ULTRA-PRODUCTIVE, PROACTIVE and RESOURCEFUL like men in the nations I mentioned above whose economic activities make this Circumsicized Moses comfatable on earth.

A fool like told you, always carries his heart in his mouth! And Moses has it right inside his mouth.

By the way, Moses has failed woefully in all facets of human development in his constituency . He is now demonizing Zack Kìnùthia – a young man who has refused to swallow his grotesquely illogical, iliberal, radical extremist ideology that stinks like the Boko Haram Manifesto.

Call him a leader. I call him a toxic fume
excreted by ballot democracy in Gatundu South. Duh!

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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