Brack Muluka is sending ANC to the grave

By OOJ via fb
It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Barrack Muluka: the infamous political undertaker from Emanyulia is successfully sending ANC to the grave.

The first thing he did to the party was to castrate its think-tank. It is now a gathering of deadwoods where creative thinking and collective power of imagination is completely dead.

Barrack, is so so so good at failing that if you gave him Dubai, he would turn it into Darfur in less than a second.

Curiously, through witchcraft, Barrack managed to take Musalia’s brain and successfully put it in his pocket and the shirt he placed it was washed. It has not not yet dried or maybe a goat ate it. As such, Musalia lacks the intellectual wherewithal to see and properly diagnose what’s happening around him.

Consequently, ANC is on now on a free fall. It’s headed to the irretrievable ditches. It’s like a castrated rat that can’t produce anything. Not even a black smoke!

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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