A meeting of mungikis called by the mungiki kingpin himself

Why don’t you go create your own mungiki country at gatundu with all the loots owned by all those mungikis attending that meeting.

The meeting doesn’t represent the interests of the citizens of the republic of Kenya but only those mungikis.

Mungiki vampire why do you do the country all the honours and resign and go rule over those mungiks at gatundu, cos there is nothing good that has come from your thieving presidency since you come to the political circle of the republic of Kenya from, whom does where retired moi got you from.

The republic of Kenya is not mt Kenya mungikis republic.

Almighty I AM, all the citizens of the republic of Kenya have had enough of this kid of a thief. Today they are meeting over scheme of their god Lucifer. I AM, please delete all those in attendance from the face of the Earth with this son of a thief. So that our Nation of Kenya prospers and you had planned for Kenya. May you destroy all their plans and confuse them in every meeting they spend on that satanic meeting.

I AM, heal our nation Kenya and never have any mt Kenya folk rule over our nation and supernaturally make them refund back all that they have looted from our republic of Kenya since independence to date.

I AM, you know all they crime these children of the devil meeting today with their vampire election thief and beneficiary of that thieving since 2007, 2013 and both 2017 election are having a mungiki meeting that has nothing to benefit the rest of the tribes citizens of this nation. It’s time LORD I AM, to say enough is enough and it has been declared here in Kenya and in Heaven. Let you rage state at this moment forward against all these attendances for generation until your coming time. We (the rest of all the tribes that form the republic of Kenya) call upon you to save us from these savage tribe meeting today in scheming nothing but the interests of mungikis and Lucifer their over drive.

I AM, as it was during the building of the Tower of babel and distraction of Sodom and Gomorrah, let be so for these mungiki meeting attendees.

I AM, may this come to pass, in CHRIST OUR LORD. Amen.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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