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Aki sio kwa ubaya lakini why did anyone think that someone of Uhuru Kenyatta’s economic pedigree would understand the struggles of everyday Kenyans?

(Note: I am deliberately making a distinction between “economic pedigree” and “social pedigree” because having the economic wherewithal i.e. being rich/wealthy doesn’t always translate into having class.)

And now kwa ubaya, why did anyone in their right mind think that the same person whose entire existence has been predicated on having access to stuff – either grabbed, “inherited” or acquired through legislation that fully embodies conflict-of-interest – would comprehend having a cash crunch?

The blogsite Pulse Live, citing conversations with senior Jubilee officials, writes that Uhuru Kenyatta is perplexed about where “…..all the money being used to construct government projects is going…..” The man, Uhuru, reportedly asked these same officials “why people (presumably Kenyans who voted for him) are broke….?”

Now that is some funny shit:

A supposed graduate of Amherst College (in Politics and Economics) is wondering why the economy he is in charge of is not doing better given the “many infrastructure projects he reportedly launched….”.

Lost in the man’s consternation is the yawning gap between “reporting” that something happened AND confirming that something ACTUALLY did happen!

Man, I wish most Kenyans weren’t actually hurting economically and the country had a Trevor Noah-like comedian able to satirize Uhuru’s tenure because the man’s time in office has provided Kenyans (and the world) with an infinite amount comedic material, moments and images.

Can we just be honest?

The man doesn’t have a clue about what’s happening in Kenya and frankly has NEVER had a clue about the impact his ineptitude has (had) on the electorate. This latest foot-in-the-mouth utterances attributed to the man are evidence of someone trying to punch way above his weight – and being pummeled mercilessly – by one fiasco after another.

Why else would the guy reflect such tone-deafness?

Even when it was obvious to all (including one Mutahi Ngunyi) that Uhuru was a “greenhorn” lacking in gravitas and oomph for the country’s top job, the man’s supporters remained undeterred.

FACT: The very folks now hemming and hawing over Uhuru’s ineptitude and lack of empathy had a chance to take a different path AFTER giving the man and his deputy a try in 2013 but for some odd reason, opted for the same razor blade that sliced their meager earnings the first time around in 2013 to do it one more time – in 2017.

FACT: Uhuru’s tenure has NEVER been about Kenya or Kenyans or their collective interests.

The man’s time has been all about adding to his family’s vast fortune/holdings by any means necessary but increasingly using co-opted supposedly independent branches of government to legitimize their avaricious tendencies. In this latest caper, the man’s family has been grandly rewarded by a compliant legislature to the tune of .6Billion shillings!

Sample this: Alongside the Pulse Live piece that broke the story about a less-than-empathetic Uhuru proffering cluelessness about “…..why Kenyans are broke…..” was the link to a story titled “How Uhuru’s family has made Sh600 million in the last 24hrs”.

Summarized, in two stories offered side-by-side, Kenyans were given an answer re: why a man that was supposed to be a “down-to-earth everyday” blue-eyed prince yet simultaneously empathetic to the plight of everyday non-royals was neither down-to-earth nor empathetic to their predicaments.

FACT: Uhuru Kenyatta just signed into law legislation that removed the caps on interest rates and guess who stood to benefit from the just-enacted legislation?

Bloomberg News (yeah I know – another one of those western-leaning publications out to tarnish the good name and reputation of our “god-chosen reander”) posted a headline proclaiming, “Banks Seen as Biggest Winners as Kenya Lawmakers Scrap Rate Caps”.…/kenya-s-national-assembly-votes…

So who in Kenya owns or has sizeable shares in (Kenyan) banks?

FACT: The Kenyatta family i.e. the family of the same man who doesn’t know why Kenyans are broke!

Of course he wouldn’t know why Kenyans are broke because shares of his family’s 13.2% ownership in the just-listed NCBA – an entity created after the Kenyatta family’s Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) merged with NIC Bank – jumped up KSh.3.05/share or a profit of KSh.600M.

For those curious how many shares of NCBA the prince and Kenya’s royal family have, it is 196,000,000 shares.

Now you see why your “god-chosen” lout aint like you and me or why he doesn’t understand why y’all are broke-ass and petty and triflin’!

Why would he?

He laughs all the way to the bank – literally – as y’all sing his praise and lose life and limb fighting for him to tawala milele na milele.

Frankly if I was Uhuru and thus “bressed” with such a loyal base, I’d pull the same shit.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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