Moses Kuria coming back to his sense after insulting Raila to win election

By Onyango Ochieng Jr via fb

Domestic terrorist Moses Kuria was elected in Gatundu South purely for TWO reasons 1. Insult Raila and 2. Demonize LUOS. He has achieved all these, though the real outcome is thoroughly debatable because he was always preaching to the choir/converting the already converted. As such, his political life cycle has reached its dead-end , and like a house fly that dies at the end of its 7 days on earth, Moses Kuria’s political career MUST now die. His wicked political soul MUST now rest in perfect destruction. Kikuyus want better! Better that Moses Kuria could not offer in the last 7 years. He can’t offer it now even if he went to heaven and came back alive. Moses is completely finished, FINITO! The narcissistic buffoon is finding it hard to accept that politically he is now an expired milk that MUST be discarded. That is why he is bleeding with bitterness, trying to thoughtlessly establish his foot as he traces where the rain started pummeling him…. Moses it’s not rain bruh, you have just outlived your usefulness. You are now like a used condom that can’t be reused. Accept the truth and try other things like farming cashew nuts instead of being a WAILING WAILER

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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