DP Ruto reduced to street blogger after Kibra shame

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr via fb
Dennis Itumbi extend my warm greetings to DP Kipruto. Tell him to stop ranting childishly like someone who lacks verbal discipline. He is assuredly turning his Jubilee wing into a quarrelsome gathering of paranoid ‘ex-wives’.

But importantly, remind DP Kipruto that:

1. 1984 State Counsel Sharad Rao while representing AG in that case of the state against Raila and others over 1982 coup, they entered a “nole prosequi” after establishing that Raila had no case to answer. Raila’s case was dropped, and he went back to the trenches to fight for good governance.

2. 1992 while Raila and other patriotic Kenyans were fighting for repeal of section 2(A) to turn Kenya into a “de jure” multiparty state and thus give Kenyans more political and human rights including rights to liberty, choice and political rights; Ruto was part of unarmed robbers busy executing the biggest economic genocide in history of public stealing under the African Sun. Together, these miscreants fatally wounded our national purse, that experts opine it will take Kenya ONE BILLION years to recover.

3. Remind DP Kipruto that between 2013 to date, he has told about 10,000 lies. He is a congenital liar! A conniving conspiracy theorist. A cancer that we must delete from our body politic going forward.

4. Tinga shifting parties was fruit of Chapter 4 of the constitution, the bit on political rights. While Ruto and his criminal gang looting this nation was actually which right?

5. On violence, need I remind DP Kipruto one question: why was govt buying land for outsiders in his ‘bedroom’, what happened to their original land and animals?

Like gays desparately demanding for rights to rub their moral decay on our faces, am afraid Ruto – either directly or thru proxies – will soon start demanding the right to steal! The right to loot the economy! Their right to grab which is euphemism to land theft. Am told he is alleged to be currently executing environmental genocide on Ngong Forest.

Such men with unpatriotic bones allover their bodies should not lecture anyone. Let him take his words, put in a pipe and smoke.

Thank you


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Written by Mighty Diamond


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