DP Ruto in panic after point man Majority Leader Abdi Guyo is sacked by Tuju

The infighting in Jubilee has no end in sight. The ruling coalition is furiously imploding, with casualties galore. Yesterday saw the Uhuru/Tuju faction pull another fast one on DP Ruto when the party endorsed changes in Nairobi County Assembly Jubilee leadership.

By a letter to Speaker Beatrice Elachi, Tuju confirmed the changes that saw Majority Leader Abdi Guyo ejected from the position and replaced by Charles Thuo.

Elachi was all the more elated to sign on the political death of Guyo, who had used all means to frustrate her, keeping her in political cold for nearly two years. Until ODM MPs and pro-Handshake Jubilee MCAs joined hands to upend power dynamics in Nairobi City County, Guyo had bankrolled the Jubilee majority to keep Elachi out.

Luck had been running out for Guyo for sometime now but his fate took a precarious turn with the return of Elachi and the fallout with Governor Sonko, who had demanded his removal owing to incessant squabbles. Earlier, Sonko had teamed with Guyo to eject Elachi!

“It is expected that the majority leader will should work in harmony with the head of government (in reference to Governor Sonko) especially when they come from the same party,” Tuju said.

Guyo, a DP Ruto lackey, had tried to remain at the helm of the assembly through wide ranging tactics including seeking court intervention but the forces against him were as resolute as a steal beam. Matters were not helped by the fact that DP Ruto’s grip of Jubilee is getting sweaty, and loosening rapidly.

The changes also saw the removal of James Kiriba and his replacement by Millicent Mugadi, the ward representative of Ziwani Kariokor. June Ndegwa will be the new majority whip, replacing Guyo allied Waithera Chege.

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