Circumcision is a curse, should be criminalized

By Onyango Ochieng jnr vai fb
Caller : OOJr are you circumsized?

OOJr: I believe that’s Male Genital Mutilation. It’s a NO on any given Sunday. Research world over has proved severally that the whole story is a myth. In English, myth is a lie told over time that it appears true.

Caller: But OOJr, God told Abraham….

OOJr: Abraham was a European in Europe. God made a covenant with him. This whole thing was to act as a badge, as a reminder for his descendants. I am a man of color, an African, dark as a coal. I have no business with Europeans and the deal their ancestors had with God. I trace my ancestry to South Sudan. Christian as I am, I know the Bible is founded more on Jewish Supremacist literature. God is white, Satan is black! Everything wrong with the society is black despite the fact that Hitler who slaughtered 3 million JEWS was a white. Moses was a Jews. Israel has only 2% Christians. And they think Jesus was just some local hoodrat.

Caller: OOJr but Kenyans cut

OOJr: I value intellect. I put a five on it. Look at the communities who do this…. They are far from water bodies i. e rivers and lakes. They had to device a way of being clean down south. I have a whole lake and several rivers downstream. I swim like fish. Give me one reason why I should be worried about cleanliness to a point of chopping my body. How many tribes chop in East Africa?

Caller : BUT circumcised men go more rounds OOJr

OOJr: I come from the Channel O where men marry avaragely THREE wives, never did I hear Luo women demonstrate that Luo men can’t deliver fire on the ‘mountain’. If you heard, kindly educate my ignorance.

Caller: OOJr, but AIDS

OOJr: In South Africa, a bantu nation, almost every man is cut. It’s the capital of HIV/AIDS. I am not cut yet, am 100% negative and willing to do a public test on TV to prove my status.

Caller: OOJr, do you ever lose a debate?

OOJr: Kill me with facts, proven facts… And I OOJr will hoist the white flag.

Caller: BUT OOJr…..

OOJr : Dhi pek pieri kuuucho

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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