Why Mohamed Ali is the man to watch in coastal region politics, altruistic

Nyali MP Mohamed Ali is the man to watch in the 2022 general election in the coastal region. The humble Guy who started as a journalist in his life being paid peanuts has risen above lungs and now storms out to be one of the best performing MPs in the entire coastal region.

The firebrand courageous outstanding altruistic and hard-working MP has done it all for his first years as an MP. Development ranging from education supporting women in the community empowering youths and sports the unspoken gentleman is doing his best to serve the people of Nyali and humanity at large.

Even though he has not accomplished all but this time he still has time to do that before this term ends. From equitable share of constituency development funds among the awards in Nyali constituency to fair distribution of bursary resources from the CDF Kitty the man with the same name twice is keeping to his word basically his campaign promises to the great people of Nyali.

The young man who was the head of investigations at standard Media group has faced a lot of criticism after he accompanied the deputy president to some functions in the constituency and different parts of the country many people are still thinking that he is a journalist with the standard Media group forgetting that his mandate at this time is to serve his constituents in the Indian ocean neighboring constituency.

If votes are to side by side with development then Mohammed Ali stands a chance to even lead the whole coastal region because his development record proves it all.

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