Tob Cohen Murder Suspect Peter Karanja Arrested Over Robbery With Violence

Peter Karanja, suspect in the murder of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen has been arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

Karanja was arrested at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi following a warrant of arrest that was issued by a Naivasha Court on the charges of robbery with violence.

The arrest comes just after the High Court ruled on consolidating the two cases detailing Sarah Wairimu and himself, who were the prime suspects in Cohen murder.Karanja and Ms Wairimu pleaded afresh in the charges of killing businessman Tob Cohen.
The prosecution had applied to have the two cases merged on the grounds that they bore the same details in retrospect to name of the deceased, time and charge sheets.
Karanja was accused of aiding in the murder of Tob Cohen, while Sarah, the widow is the main suspect with links of matrimonial issues and property wrangles.

Despite Wairimu and Karanja rejecting the application to have their cases merged, the High Court has ruled against them hence the mention of the case set for November 12 will detail both cases consolidated into one.

Tob Cohen was reported missing and his body found almost two months later, in a septic tank at his Kitusuru home.
According to sources close to the couple and evidences collected, Tob and his estranged wife Sarah were engrossed in a messy divorce, with marital properties and home as the center of the conflict.

Karanja was brought into the scene after the DCI traced his phone messages and calls, linking him to Sarah at almost the same time Cohen had been reported missing and found dead.

In another account of events, Peter Karanja is battling a divorce case in court with estranged wife, Gilgil Member of Parliament Mary Wambui, who wants him kept away from their children citing that he was facing serious murder charges and until the case is determined, he should be barred from keeping contact with their children.
Ms Wangari cited evidences provided by the media as well as the murder court case that Mr Karanja is battling narrating that the records are detrimental and might ruin their children’s future.

“The respondent (Karanja) as per media reports has been confirmed to be a man in relationships with many women and a man of bad social standing.Last month, Karanja was arrested on allegations of murder and it is important that his true character be exposed before he is allowed to access and interact with the minors,” said George Kimani the lawyer representing the Gilgil MP.

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