Tanga Tanga wing has sensed defeat in 2022, using census figures as scapegoat

By Ngunjiri wambugu via fb QUESTIONS DUALE SHOULD ANSWER

‪Duale led a group of leaders from NEP to complain about how the census numbers for Wajir, Garissa & Mandera are wrong. He suggests they are less than they should be.

But let’s think about this for a minute. 2 years ago politicians went flat out to bring in every single vote they could.

In Meru out of 1.5M population we had 702k voters. In Vihiga out of 590k we had 272k voters. In Taita Taveta out of 340k population we had 155k voters.

In Kwale out of 866k population we had 281k voters. In Machakos out of 1.4M population we had 620k voters. Elgeyo Marakwet, 354k population, 180k voters. Nyamira 605k population, 278k voters.

In fact across the entire country any county with around 800k population turned out at least 280k voters (Kwale, 866k population, 281k voters).

‪But in Garissa out of 841k population, we had only 163k voters; in Wajir out of 781k population, we had 162k voters; in Mandera out of 867k population, we had 175k voters. The three counties have a total of around 2.5M in population, and 0.5M voters.

In an extremely heated election these leaders claiming their numbers are bad turned out 20% votes. They are unhappy about the total population. They insist that these population numbers are less than they should be.‬ But no one is complaining about the voters numbers.


What do you think?

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