KFCB announces nominees for the Machakosfest 2019 Short Film Festival awards.

By Philomena Kilonzo

The Kenya Film Classification Board on Friday announced the top 10 nominees of the 4th edition of the Machakosfest2019 Short Film Festival awards in Machakos county.

The nominees were unveiled at an event, which took place at the Machakos People’s Park in Machakos.

The top ten nominees were selected as the best clean content ambassadors to compete on the Machakos Festivals gala that will be held on 14th December this year.

Speaking during the event, the KFCB Corporate Communications manager, Nelly Muluka representing the CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, said the winner will be awarded 1M where the second runners up will get 500, 000 as a way of ensuring good content and capacity building.

The awards celebrate exceptional talent in the film and on writing local content.

She added that the nominees who didn’t follow the requirements of the film and stage place act of the constitution by acquiring a filming license had only 14 days to do so.

“We are giving you 14 days to come and get your license for your content because we are going to classify and examine the films free of charge and then put them on YouTube for exhibition and public participation and you cannot put a film out there without knowing its classification for either general view or if it requires parental guidance”, Said Muluka.

While unveiling the nominees, Machawood festivals CEO Victor Muniafu said the event opens a voting platform for the nominees and the public where they will be able to access their films through the KFCB channel on YouTube.

“What we normally do is we put them on YouTube for public participation which will be an additional 10 per cent of the 90 per cent which the Jury has already scored”, He said.

Muniafu said the entries for this year increased from 50 to 83 where 36 of them were disqualified since they did not reach the standards that were set by the competition.

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