How Uhuru, DP Ruto dumped Stephen Kariuki after loosing Mathare MP seat

By Jurist Inanga via fb
Today we go through the history of one Stephen Kariuki aka K1. It is 2014 ,the court nullifies the election of one George Wanjohi .Mathare people now are back to the ballot.
It is a challenge between ODM’s little known Stephen Kariuki against TNA’s George Wanjohi. campaigns go on well, all ODM bigwigs go to drum support for their candidate who is also Bishop Wanjiru’s son. The D-day Is here, 11th Aug 2014,Mathare residents wake up early to elect their MP. Late night results are out, Stephen Kariuki a first timer young boy wins with 14,966 votes against Wanjohi 14,082 .
This marks the entry of K1 into City politics. Now we have the flamboyant City Politician K1,power gets into his head. Like any first timer, sitting in same house with veterans like Duale, having numbers of Speaker Muturi in his frequent contact list among others confuses the young man.
K1 now enters any powerful government office with no appointment, can meet anyone, who is who in Kenya picks up his call at first ring, He now sees those who helped him win (ODM grassroot campaigners and mobilisers) as nothing. He doesn’t pick their calls or reply to their texts, sees them as a burden so to say and only calls them during CDF functions when he wants a hall or ground full. K1 forgets the cardinal rule of politics that A politician is people, just like a magnet any politician must attract people. The loyal people reach the dangerous point, a point where they no longer care. They no longer call neither do they bother again.
Just like how fast years in politics move, late 2016 is here, Confused by goodies and favours from the government, Stephen jumps ship and decamps from ODM, his mother party. Many close friends warn him, advise him to go slow, and that at such a younger age it wouldn’t be wise to make a move that can send him to Political oblivion with only one term, the boy puts off anyone advising him, creates distance and cuts communication. The once good boy believes just like any politician going against local tide that when he loses and Uhuru wins, he will land a powerful job or state appointment and sees it worth a gamble.
Campaigns intensify, K1 now goes extreme, starts behaving like a man who after having sex slaps the vagina forgetting tomorrow he might be horny again, He starts insulting Raila and calling him names. 8/8/17 is here ,people vote. Results are out, ODM’s Antony Oluoch beats K1 (41,813 against 32,222).
Uhuru and Ruto win too. They form the government, they start filling positions. Cabinet is full,all powerful parastatals are filled. A thousands of board appointments made, Kariuki’s name is not featuring anywhere. Uhuru no longer picks his calls neither does Ruto.
Guy dips into depression, Sometimes back I met him in a joint in Mtwapa drinking vodka.

See you in our next class.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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