Hon. Mohamed Ali warned against dragging Raila’s name in his woes

By Ahmed Dinn
Jicho la usaliti
You are now crossing the red line. Get Raila Odinga’s name out of your stinking mouth, he’s not your equal.Stop lying to Mombasa transporters and drivers that you are fighting for their rights when in reality u are doing it for your own personal interest. You can’t fight SGR while you are feeding from Sugoi. The money meant for SGR was stolen by your master William Ruto the same money is which you are paid weekly to talk ill of Governor Joho and now Raila.
Just make a call to Arap Kimwarer just like you do when seeking handouts and ask him to correct the mess and not force people to use SGR because anything else is pure hypocrisy. To Mombasa residents don’t listen to anything coming from this stupid. He has betrayed all of u. He is no longer “mtoto wa maskini” because amemwagiwa pesa. Hakuna munafiki zaidi yake. He used to follow Raila’s ideology but now everything is money ideology. Akili imejaa tamaa ya pesa. Huyu shetani ashindwe!!

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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