DP Ruto, Aisha Jumwa should apologize for killing mzee Ngumbao in Kilifi

By Onyango jnr vai fb
How the brutal MURDER of Mzee NGUMBAO by the criminal enterprise around Ruto has never shaken the DP into offering an apology to the Nation and the family, leaves me COLD.

Ngumbao was in his house, in his compound minding his own business with his nephew Reuben Katana in Ganda Ward, Kilifi: when a cold-blooded death messanger, Aisha Jumwa, stormed in with a bloodthirsty gang of mass murderers . The outcome was hell! Death of Ngumbao and total destruction including of granary and crops.

Ngumbao was buried, a very very very bitter soul. In his coffin, flood of tears gushed from his eyes. His face was distorted, a sign that his death was untimely, even God was caught unaware by his arrival. Ngumbao had planed to marry a new woman. His life cut short, the love of his woman abruptly decimated. She is so so distraught!

Ruto has never ever apologized, as if his group of head-chopping, heart-eating, throat-cutting, gun-totting political gangsters have a mission from hell to continue from where disgusting PASS OVER ended in Pharaoh’s Egypt .

RIP Mzee Ngumbao!

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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