CS Kiunjuri killed Kenyans using chemical infested Unga knowingly, so sad

By Philip Nyamai via fb
What they are not telling you about aflatoxin in those banned maize flour(Dola Maize Meal, Kifaru Maize Meal, Starehe Maize Meal, 210 Maize Meal, Jembe Maize meal) is that CS Mwangi Kiunjuri was aware of their contents and how their effect would result to rise of cancer diseases in 15yrs time but had to wait for the clearance of the stock in various warehouses, stores, shops, supermarkets before they were banned. Days before the ban was effected, they had to call store owners to even reduce the cost of the banned maize flour. When Kiunjuri is asked the measures the government has put in place to protect Kenyans from aflatoxins of this world, he shift the blame to maize miller’s in East Africa. The likes of Kiunjuri and his master, arap mahindi, are enjoying the proceeds of death. There is need to overhaul the entire ministry of Agriculture and KEBS.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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