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Video: Mijikenda elders warn government against harassing Gov. Sonko

November 9, 2019
Sumilani! (Hai)
Funavoya Madzo! (Nagadze)
Mai! (Nagashuke na Kanda)!
We, the Kaya Elders, are concerned with the manner in which the government is treating some leaders, who are our sons.
The Mijikenda people are peace-loving and we welcome everyone to our homes.
And when they show us respect and respect our traditions, we embrace them us our own children no matter where they come from.
One such son of ours is Nairobi Governor H.E Mike Sonko, who was born and raised in our midst in Kwale county after we welcomed his late father because of his immense respect for culture and traditions.
Indeed, we have been proud of Sonko, who, we can argue, we have assimilated.
But the recent harassment he has been subjected to in the name of being investigated by government agencies like the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, leaves a lot to be desired.
In most of the cases where someone is trying hard to implicate him, he has been the whistle blower.
It is funny and inexplicable how a whistle blower can be turned into a suspect in a matter of seconds.
Governor Mike Sonko has not once failed to honour summonses by the anti-graft body. He has always cooperated with the investigating officers because, in his own words, he has been on the right side of the law.
It is this character of being on the right side of the law that has pushed him to dedicate his first term as Governor to fighting graft in Nairobi county.
We all know who the beneficiaries of graft at City Hall have been.
Sonko has been fighting them with some little help from serious officers in the national government, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has always been fighting corruption.
We are asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in and guarantee us the security and safety of our own son.

We are perturbed by the harassment and assault by police officers.
Trying to scoop dirt from the Governor’s past is low of some officers in the national government.
The cartels must stop.
We are tired of seeing our son being harassed.
We are going to plan a major Kaya sitting to discuss the same.
With his dedication and servant leadership, he will become someone important in the country.
Indeed, the vision we had been seeing on our dreams as Kaya elders have come true.
Sonko is now the Governor of the capital city of the Republic of Kenya.
We continue seeing visions. Visions that Sonko is soaring even higher.
He will help many more Kenyans as he has been doing and that is why we wish him all the best in his life.
Finally, we ask that the State accord Governor Sonko the respect he deserves as leader and as a Kenyan who has helped put Nairobi on the global map, as evidenced by the accolades he has won including for the United Nations.
We are also asking IPOA and National Police Service to take action against rogue police officers who are well known and identified.
He is the Good Deeds Ambassador.
He needs protection because we fear the cartels, angry with him for disrupting their illicit businesses, might try to silence him.
The history of whistle blowers in the country has not been pleasing.
Mr President, please protect our son, the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Thank you.
Chairman …… Organizing secretary …….

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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