I was sacked from my job before i later owned a bank-Mombasa Tycoon reveals

One day my good friend Balan was summoned to the boss’s office. Ten minutes later he walked into our offices looking shaken and shattered. He looked very, very scared. “What happened” I asked.

‘’I’ve been fired’’.

My immediate reaction was to tell him ‘’fantastic! Best thing that ever happened to you. Now you will go out and look for a better job and you will definitely get one. If you were not fired you would stay here for another ten years in this lousy bank going no where.’’

It sounded like harsh words at that point but I was sincere in my comments. He left and almost immediately got a better job in a better bank with higher pay and benefits. Today he runs one of Asia’s largest banks and whenever I go to Singapore we have dinner and remember those days. He always reminds me of those words and he tells me that they inspired him at his lowest moments. And when he got a better job my comments made sense to him.

Getting fired is not the end of the world. It’s the start of a new beginning. Maybe the company you were in was a bad fit for you. Maybe your talents and strengths were not appreciated or utilized. Maybe they just didn’t value you as a human being. It is only when you go somewhere else that other people will see the value in you. Sometimes you need to change your environment for you to bloom. The same thing applied with plants, when you change the soil a plant that is dying could suddenly start blooming. That’s why pastoralists move from area to area and farmers change crops from area to area. It is natures way.

Losing your job also gives you an opportunity to reassess your strengths. You must keep growing professionally. You must improve your skills. Over the years I have noticed that employees who are constantly trying to improve themselves with courses and new ideas rarely get fired. Think about this. When was the last time you sent yourself for a course?

Finally, never leave any company with a bad taste and bitterness. Accept gracefully that your time there was over. Never bad mouth that company where you got your bread for a few years. On the day you are leaving go to your bosses and thank them for the opportunity that they gave you. This will shock them. Thank your colleagues and tell them it was great working with them. Never burn your bridges behind you. These are the very same people who will be called to give references about you. You never know when you will need them again. Be a better human being.

Most important of all, God has a purpose and a plan for you. When he removes you from one job remind yourself that he has something better for you.

For my Muslim brothers and sisters remember the words from the Quran ‘’Inna Maal Usri, Yusra’’ which means that after suffering there is always relief”. And the Bible says ‘’Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the battle is not yours but Gods”. These are Gods words, whether you are Muslim or Christian. Who are you to disagree? Leave it all to God.

Juma Kareem.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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