Hon. Khalwale reduced to village pauper and political goon

By Onyango Ochieng jnr via fb
The cringeworthy display of gangsterism by this closet thug aside! One unimpeacheable fact is that at DP’s office, Bonny has been reduced to a factotum, a Cyber Mujahideen and an ever-willing Kamikaze looking for where to wound himself for a bowl of soup.

Sad! But considering that Bonny is a decorated son of Mulembe with a medical degree to his name…. One wonders why Ruto couldn’t send him to the board of KNH or Namboboto village hospital in recent appointments.

At this rate, what will stop him from enlisting for other terrorist organizations like Alshabab or Janjaweed like that A-grade lawyer who executed bloodbath at Garissa University?

Am told as he went about this shameful display, he was screaming towards the sky shouting “Lord take me home. Take me right away”.

See, signs that imebaki tu kidogo ageuke suicide bomber….

Raila’s tremor
When Baba votes, everyone around him smiles because this is history we are witnessing. In the next 30 years, you grandchildren will read about this day in history. Those of you who witnessed it, kindly turn to that monumental speech by King Henry IV on Saint Crispins Day where Shakespeare says… He that shall have lived this day and see old age, will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors and say “Tomorrow is Saint Crispins Day”, Then will he lift his sleeve and show his scars and say “these wounds I had on Saint Crispins Day”.Look at Mwalimu Wanjala, he will go to Budalangi and narrate this to the whole constituency from tomorrow till Christmas. Every year, on a day like this, he will remind them of history that he witnessed.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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