Governor Nyong’o outlines achievements of his administration, pledges for more

What are some of the agenda your county is pursuing?

For Kisumu county, they are keen on 10 point agenda that forms the basis of Kisumu’s development aspirations as outlined in Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o’s Manifesto. They are:

1. Revitalizing agriculture for food security and promotion of agribusiness;
2. Ensuring a healthy population living in a clean environment;
3. Building modern physical infrastructure;
4. Promoting skills development and innovation;
5. Opening of Kisumu Lakefront for business and investment;
6. Providing decent housing in inclusive towns, semi-urban areas and villages;
7. Promoting sports, culture and the arts;
8. Promoting tourism driven by culture and heritage alongside new products;
9. Promoting industrialization and a vibrant service sector; and
10. Deepening the structures of devolution while improving the efficiency and productivity of the County government.

It’s important to have these kind of agenda in every county, so that people work with schedules and pursue a course. This is what makes Prof Nyong’o so different with others. #StateOfKisumuCounty2019

Today the county of Kisumu is having the second county report. Something I have noticed is that Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o has singled out some key areas to give priority in his tenure. Some of these areas include;

1. Agriculture and food production, where Prof Nyong’o and his team has been focusing on
increasing rice productivity, re-invigorating the fisheries value chain, developing the dairy sub-sector and re-introducing cotton growing to meet new demand in the textile industry, especially with the impending re-opening
of KICOMI industry.

Prof also partnered with the national
government to continue administering programmes for the revival of the sugar industry in the County. Together with members of Lake Region Economic bloc, Prof Nyong’o is keen on following up the implementation of the the report of the Taskforce established by the President for revival of
the sugar industry.

Another key value addition project in the agricultural sector is rice milling in collaboration with the National Irrigation Board (NIB) and the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA). This fi nancial year, we advance the projects in industry for Tomato processing at K’Ochieng’ and milk processing as forward linkages for the milk chilling plants across the County.

2. In health, the good Professor is focusing on implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by implementing a facilities improvement programme at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), construction of theatres at the county and sub-county hospitals to strengthen referral system as well as recruitment of health workers to bridge the human resources gaps. As a pilot County for the Universal Health Coverage (UHC), hospital utilization has increased tremendously, increasing pressure on health state and facilities. He is keen on finding ways to sustain services for the
increased demand in the post-pilot period, paying special attention to prevention and treatment of cancer and other non-communicable diseases such as sickle cells anemia prevalent in our region. Many partners support our health service delivery system, with the latest agreement entered
with the Russian Society for Telemedicine in the context of LREB, in the new fi eld of telemedicine.

3. On road network; expanded the road network tremendously in the last two years. Kisumu county has been focusing on roads maintenance, especially in the rural areas using the Kisumu Roads Maintenance Teams (KRMTs) under the supervision of the Village Councils. At the same time, the Village Councils are carrying out environmental conservation, management of water-points and community health services.

In the City, most of the projects under the first phase of the Kisumu Urban Project (KUP) are completed, including roads, six primary schools, the Social Center and Lumumba
Hospital. The Center for Business Incubation and Innovation at Rotary Youth Polytechnic is 40% complete. It’s worth nothing that Prof is keen on going for the second phase of this project that will enlist modernization of Kibuye, Otonglo and Jubilee markets.

Implementation of the Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) projects is also underway in the Non-Motorized Transport, Fire stations and hydrants and the innovation
centre components.

The kisumu county is equally keen on development of urban infrastructure and housing facilities in preparations to host the AfricitiesSummit 2021.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the state of Kisumu county 2019 at Tom Mboya labour college

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