Governor Joho, MP Sudi leads in congratulating Imran Okoth as MP-elect

Governor Joho
Congratulations Hon. Bernard Okoth for the emphatic victory in the Kibra parliamentary by-election. This is a clear demonstration of maturity by Kibra electorate, who defied bribery and intimidation.

The people of Kibra have accorded you the opportunity to honor the legacy of your late brother Hon. Ken Okoth.

ODM has once again sent a clear message to our competitors. This is just the beginning.

Gladys Wanga
Congratulations Hon Benard Otieno Okoth Imran, MP and the ODM Party for the victory in Kibra. Arap Mashamba and his ilk now know hakuna mchezo! Majority of Kenyans know what is good for them and even stolen money cannot change their minds. Sasa twende kazi na BBI #KibraNiODM

Oscar Sudi
Congratulations Bernard Imran Okoth for winning Kibra parliamentary seat. We only failed to strategize well on the fact we were not aware that there were hired goons who were intimidating voters not to come out and vote. We never knew that there were people threatening voters behind the scenes. I personally believe Imran Okoth is a good person and am sure he will deliver to people of Kibra. To our political nemesis, we are not done with you yet we just postponed our victory. We live to fight another day.

Hon Gideon K. Moi
The people of Kibra have profoundly spoken; that Imran Bernard Okoth takes the mantle to cement the magnificent work of the late Ken Okoth. Congratulations and may peace, love and unity continue to prevail in our country.

Senator Millicent Omanga, Mama Miradi.

This morning I have called both Hon. Imran Okoth, Kibra MP and Hon. Macdonald Mariga to deliver my goodwill messages.

Hon. Imran Okoth: Congratulations on your well deserved victory. The race had alot of lessons to learn. You know Kibra than most people who came to campaign. Let’s work together to improve Kibra and continue with the good legacy that the Late Okoth left. As #MamaMiradi, I wish you all the best.

Hon. Mariga: You fought a good fight and personally, I am very proud of you. Under Mariga foundation endelea kusaidia vijana wenye talanta mtaani, not only for 2022 but because that’s the purpose God wants you to deliver to His people.

Esther M Passaris ,OGW
Someone once said, “Bloom where you are planted,” and you did! Congratulations Kibra MP-Elect Imran Okoth on your victory BY the People, FOR the People. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the National Assembly.

Dennis Itumbi
Finally Team @ImranOkoth – Congratulations.

You campaigned in good poetry, now Govern with credible Prose.

I wish you well and just said a prayer for you to lead the great people of Kibra well.

It was good sport.

Philip Etale, I salute you. Well done!

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