Silverstone plane got stuck in a pothole at Wilson airport, passengers intimidated not to take pictures

A Silverstone aircraft got stuck in a pothole at Wilson airport when it was leaving for one of the north eastern counties last week.

The incident happened just days after the aircraft experienced technical problems or another aircraft one of the Aircraft tires got off when it was on motion another one heat an East African plane at the Wilson airport mistakenly.

Just weeks before that Silverstone aircraft heading to the south coast crashed minutes after leaving the Wilson airport an incident where several passengers got injured but luckily none lost his or her life.

The incident that happened of late came with a lot of warning from the management that no one inside the plane was allowed to take that picture our efforts to be sent a picture by one of those who took secret pictures have been futile as the guy feared the management intimidation tricks.

Our insider tells us that’s the Silverstone engineers are not well paid and thereby seeming to be on a bus lo so that their grievances are listen to. Last week the transport committee held a meeting in Parliament to question the civil aviation authority on the recent occurrence at the Wilson airport.

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