How Ex-MP Awiti Bolo frustrated and sacked his juniors in Nyali, his downfall


Today I will take you through the history of Nyali politics, featuring the first Nyali MP tycoon Hezron Awiti Bolo.
Early 2013 it is, Awiti an ODM candidate.Few days to nominations, sensing rigging plans, Hon Awiti decamps to Wiper. Awiti campaigns on a sympathy card and the ever empathetic Nyali voters floor the ODM candidate, Former Frere town candidate Hon John Charles Mcharo in favour of Hon Awiti(19436 against 15177 votes).
Immediately after being sworn in, Awiti assumes he won because he was strong in the ground, forgetting the Nyali voters were empathetic and that all the 5 wards were under ODM showing the grassroot support ODM as a party had. Power gets in Awiti’s head. Spoils the good man. Now Awiti starts walking around with convoys and sirens. Awiti can no longer stay in traffic jam, uses wrong side with his Prado of security guys as the lead car.
Awiti goes on a sacking spree, In a period of Five years, Awiti sacked more than 10 people, among them Elijah Otieno who was the youth league leader during campaigns. Awiti now started supressing all the voices of reason around him, using MIB he unlawfully ejected the youth rep in the CDF board, Joseph Wambura for questioning his modus operandi. Awiti frustrated sub county civil servants. He locked the office of then sub county youth officer for disagreeing to unprocedurally deposit money to groups account that Awiti has brought forward. Fund managers were neither lasting in Nyali. 80% of tenders were done by companies owned by Awiti’s son and any delay in payment would land a fund manager in trouble.
Fast forward it’s 20th July 2015 at the home of Mombasa moneybag and philanthropist Mohammed Jaffer, the big guys are having dinner. Raila extends an olive branch to Awiti and asks him to rejoin ODM, Awiti becomes hesitant. Next An Awiti -Uhuru dalliance starts. Awiti now becomes Uhuru’s point man in Mombasa, whenever Uhuru is in town, Awiti is the one to receive him when he lands. Whenever he gets the podium, when launching bursaries, Streetlights, CDF projects Awiti attacks the Mombasa governor, Hon Hassan Ali Joho and his brother Abubakar Joho. Whenever his advisors dared to advise him to low on attacking Joho, he fired them. Ignoring the precious advise, that as a politician you should never be predictable in your speech, secondly, if you talk daily of a person who doesn’t bother to respond to you, you appear a fool.
It is now 2016 ,Awiti on a self destruction mission has fired all voices of reason. He is an exposed man with only gullible sycophants around him. The sycophants lie to him that he is up the task and ready to unseat Governor joho in 2017 contest. Awiti starts cris-crossing the county drumming support for his bid.Jan 2017,Raila calls Awiti in his Nyali home for dinner , asks him to forego his gubernatorial ambitions in exchange for direct MP or senatorial ODM ticket, Awiti rejects and tells Raila he is winning the gubernatorial seat. Next Kalonzo calls Awiti in his Vipingo home, asks him to deputise Hassan Omar on their Wiper ticket or go for senate, Awiti Tells Kalonzo he can also become a party leader like them, few days later launches his Party Vibrant Democratic Party at wild waters.
Campaign period is over, 8/8/2017 is here. Results are out, 11/8/2017,in the whole county Awiti got 4,709 votes. That marked the fall of the once powerful Awiti. Nowadays occasionally you will find him alone with his driver at Blue room.

Kelvin Jurist Inanga, Custodian Nyali Political archives.

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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