Hon. Moses Kuria spills the beans, regrets abusing PM Raila

When Raila warned everyone, they called him a mganga. Now it is coming from the same people who insulted Raila for warning Kenyans that Uhuruto’s path was a path to economic ruin, that they have destroyed Kenya. It’s the same way Raila is warning everyone against Arap Kimwarer now. Na bado wajinga wanamwita mganga. But that’s for another another day…

For now, the below is coming from a man who (as reported) recruited and trained “volunteers” to circumcise other Kenyans at Uhuru Park should they attend certain change rallies.

It is coming from a man who reportedly gathered youths and wielded machetes and rungus in defense of “mtu wetu” prior to and after 2017. He lied to young people how their tribe was under attack.

It is coming from a man who posted on social media (and later deleted the post) that the IEBC IT guru Chris Musando was enjoying himself with a woman the night he was assassinated and refused to explain how he was the first to find Musando’s car in Roysambu. Kenyans haven’t forgotten that Musando was killed because of his stand for a cleaner, accountable, responsible IEBC. If Musando’s objectives were followed, Kenya would not be in this mess!

Kenyans, please embrace BBI. Avoid such hypocrisy from people positioning themselves to be governors or regional kings or some higher political offices. That is what they do. They look for your weaknesses or what you are angry about and pounce on it. I say embrace BBI not because I have read the report, but because of things that have been said about it. Everything have been tried since 1963 and have FAILED FLAT! We have nothing to loose trying BBI.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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