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Get out and vote for Imran Okoth (ODM) for the Kibra MP seat

By AB Murage via fb


Kibera is a revolution sanctuary and the umbilical cord of Kenya’s second liberation struggle. The oppressors — those who have consistently been against change, the hybrids of Kenyattas and Mois that are now calling themselves “hustlers” to fool you, and others who want to erase history overnight are ganged up to destroy Kibera through their planted projects and fall back plans. It is time for you Kibera people to guard your consciousness. Msidanganywe. And kudanganywa here includes and not limited to aliens coming to promise you heavens when they aren’t even voters in Kibera and will not vote for themselves on November 7th.

Government certified thieves and land grabbers who authorized teargassing, circumcising, raping, and killing of innocent Kenyans (most of who were Kibera residents) with impunity in the days prior to and including January 30th 2018 are now all over Kibera saying that they want to teach one man a lesson — Raila Odinga.

Opposition cowards who cannot open their mouths to speak a word against ills in government unless Raila speaks — as if Raila was the one made for the opposition — those who were nowhere to be seen on January 30th 2018 to stand with Kenyans at Independence Square, those who said that their bodies are not meant for jail, those who planned to selfishly meet Uhuru privately so as to isolate Raila before Raila beat them at their own game are now all over Kibera saying that they want to teach one man a lesson — Raila Odinga.

The resilience of Kibera residents is known the world over. You must stand up against those who want to infiltrate you with money whose sources you don’t know. You must dispel those who are out to weaken your resolve. You must stand with the candidate that have promised to protect the sanctity of Kibera, defend ODM policies and pick up the steering wheel from where your immediate former MP left. If any candidate wants to teach Raila a lesson, let them approach his home in Karen and attack him like a man. What lesson haven’t Raila been taught anyway? From his balls being crushed by dictator Moi at Nyayo house to sharing a cake with Uhuru on Uhuru’s birthday recently, what lesson haven’t Raila been taught?


What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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