Exposed: Governor Sonko Paid students 200 shillings to stage manage demos outside EACC building

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been exposed for his continuous public relations stunt. According to our source who is a victim the Nairobi governor hired students from university of Nairobi branches two-stage PR demonstrations against his apprehension by the ethics and anti-corruption commission yesterday.

Our source revealed that every student who went for the devastation was paid 200 shillings by the Nairobi governor and that the governor send buses to pick them from school. The governor is said to have had a good connection with the former University of Nairobi student leader and current Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino who organise for him the battalion of students who staged a protest outside the EACC building. The students were tear-gassed and was later given their 200 shillings as promised by the Nairobi county boss.

The Nairobi county boss has been complaining that the ICC investigation team has been framing him on integrity issues the governor said that on 20th March 2014 a company by the name kipkenda company advocates road to ACC a letter about a case that is being asked today the governor speaks of wonders that he’s being chased so that is can relinquish the seat of the Nairobi county boss he has blamed one Mr Abdi Mohamoud for his woes.

The governor claims that Mr abdi authored numerous documents to justify his falsehoods and fix commissioner Irene Kano the first document he says was a classified ad word purported dated April 28th the year 2017 purporting to be a public notice for change of user by Nairobi city council term Clark Irene Kano the governor further argues that he confirmed that the Nairobi city county never place search adverse in it’s classified and nation media group Can as well confirm.

The governor in the past has been known for numerous PR stunts theatrics on drama in showing how is Love by this resident of the great city of Nairobi what we await is the EACC move on clarifying who is right or wrong in this case.

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