How EACC investigator Abdi Mohamud has framed whistle blowers in the integrity center case

By Mike Sonko via fb

On 20th March 2014, Kipkenda & Company Advocates wrote to EACC CEO letter Ref. No. SK/12/CON/2412 making a complaint against Kipsang Sambai and Commissioner Irene Keino, stating thus: “phony investigations were initiated from EACC by Mr. Sambai and Irene Keino purportedly collecting information on the property and the owner Tegus Limited (Our Client)…Mr. Sambai was in frequent visits to Ardhi House and Companies Registry collecting files containing our client’s details and documents.”

One wonders why Mr. S.K. Kipkenda advocate did not complain about Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud who had written the letter Reference No. EACC. 6/16/1 Vol. XXXIV (56) on 19th February 2014 stating “Our officers Messrs. Kipsang Sambai and Tabu Lwanga will be available to collect the said documents.” Mr. Kipkenda also did not complain about Mr. Tabu Lwanga because he was cooperative with Mr. Abdi Mohamud and didn’t accompany Mr. Sambai in collecting the documents. It is instructive that by end of the year, as punishment, Mr. Abdi A. Mohamud posted Mr. Kipsang as the Officer in Charge, Malaba Satelite Office (where he was on 27th February 2015) and later he was posted in Garissa Satellite Office where he is currently based and is genuinely in constant fear of losing his life like many others have.

On 21st August 2014, Abdi A. Mohamud of EACC, pretending that the late George Oriaro Advocate was the whistle blower, submitted several forged and fake documents calculated to frame and fix Commissioner Irene Keino of EACC, who was pushing for investigation on Integrity Centre Plot and protecting Mr. Kipsang Sambai, accusing her of grabbing Kenya Railways Plot LR No. 1/287.

Mr. Abdi A. Mohamud authored numerous documents to justify his falsehoods and fix Commissioner Irene Keino. The first document was a classified advert purportedly dated April 28, 2007 purporting to be a Public Notice for change of user by Nairobi City Council Town Clerk by Irene Keino for Plot No. 1/287. I have confirmed Nairobi City Council never placed such advert in its classified and Nation Media Group can as well confirm.

The second forged document was an Authority for Change of User for the land indicated as LR. No. 1/287-Nairobi, 1.021 Acres whose registered owner was purportedly The General Manager of the East African Ports and Harbors (which was alleged to have been transferred to Kenya Railways Retirement Benefit Scheme). The purported Nairobi City Council document marked File No. 34969/76 has no Nairobi City Council logo and it feigned to be signed by Mburu J.N on 30th November 2007. I can confirm as Governor of Nairobi the document was fake.

Another forgery done to fix Irene Keino was a purported letter Ref. 34969/77 dated 11th November 2008, purportedly written by S.K. Mburugu as a purported approval proposal for change of user by Irene Keino to change Residential Plot 1/287 Kilimani Nairobi to multi-dwelling units.

On 21st August 2014, Irene C. Keino in fighting off the allegations wrote to DCI, Cabinet Secretary Transport & Infrastructure, Chair National Land Commission, CEO Kenya Railways Staff Benefit Scheme, Cabinet Secretary Lands, CEO of EACC stating “I have received intelligence information that some people are purporting to transfer the above property into my name at the National Land Commission. I wish to confirm I have never applied for allocation of the said property at any time, nor have I appointed any agent to engage in such an illegality. I therefore request that investigations be urgently undertaken and the culprits brought to book.”

On 25th August 2014, EACC in total disregard of the protests of Commissioner Irene Keino wrote to CEO/Commission Secretary, National Land Commission Ref. No. EACC.6/16/1 Vol. XXX/(21) dated 25th August 2014 stating that “The Commission is in receipt of a complaint that touches on purported allocation or registration of the above referenced parcel of land, which is situated in Nairobi. We request your Commission to furnish us with details concerning the property, to facilitate our enquiry on the matter. The document was signed by CEO of EACC which is proof that Abdi A. Mohamud has no qualms using EACC CEO’s names and signatures to harass those who stand in the way of his criminal schemes like me.

On 2nd September, 2014, the alleged owners of the Plot No.1/287 Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme, which Irene Keino was allegedly trying to grab from them, replied vide letter Ref. ES/Gen/1, with the CEO Simon Nyakundi asking for more details on the plot as they were not aware of such property or its location.

On 17th December 2014, Kipkenda & Company Advocates (lawyer for Revack Ltd) wrote to the Director of Criminal Investigations Ref. No. SK/12/CON/2412 stating “We act for Tegus Ltd on whose instructions we wish to lodge this complaint. Our client’s attention has been drawn to clandestine activities intended to forge documents of its property Land Ref. 209/1069 usually known as Integrity Centre by one Mr. Kipsang Sambai and Irene Keino purporting to be acting on behalf of EACC in team work with land fraudsters connected to senior officers in the Ministry of Lands. The property was transferred from Revack to Tegus Limited (both our clients).

On 18th February 2015, Kipkenda & Co. Advocates in letter Ref. SK/12/CON/2412, giving EACC Chairman then Mumo Matemu on behalf of the Commission, purportedly acting on instructions of Tegus Ltd, NOTICE to vacate Integrity Centre by 30th June 2015 and accusing the Commission of letting a commissioner and a member of staff (referring to Commissioner Irene Keino and Kipsang Sambai) to investigate them.

On 27th February, 2015 EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu replied to Kipkenda & Company Advocates vide Ref. EACC. 1/1 Vol. 11(175) asking for more details. On the same day he asked Mr. Kipsang Sambai to give him a report on the investigations which contained in the Internal Memo of the same date.

On 12th March, 2015 lawyer Geoffrey Oriero, Advocate No. P15/5212/03 of Oriaro & Co. Advocates made a petition seeking the sacking of Chairman of EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu and Vice Chair Irene Keino over allegations of violation of the Constitution. Mr. Oriaro stated that the EACC Chair interfered with investigations into the multi-billion-shilling Anglo Leasing scandal, and should, therefore be sacked. Remember investigations dockets alleged to have been interfered with was under Abdi A. Mohamed. Matemu dismissed the petition as corruption fighting back.

On 20th March, 2015, EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu formed a Special Team to probe, among others, to establish how the Integrity Centre Land was transferred to the current purported owner and how the property was discharged, why upon expiry of lease the property did not revert to Government and why if the ownership of the property had been transferred to the purported buyer, EACC was still paying rent to Revack Ltd from June 2013 to March 2015.

On 19th April 2015, EACC Chair Mumo Matemu said his life was in danger after a van rammed into his official car twice in Nairobi along Chiromo Road. The occupants of the car that hit Matemu’s car ran away and could not be traced.

On 27th April 2015, the late Jacob Juma posted “How can Ahmed Adan Advoc and his wife Asma Ahmed Adan steal Integrity House in broad daylight…” One year later, on 5th May 2016 Jacob Juma was killed in a cold-blooded murder that shocked the entire nation.

On 30th April 2015, EACC Vice Chair Irene Keino resigned saying she did so to spare her family the anguish of a judicial process that will cause them unimaginable pain. She said: “The Commission and I have found ourselves in the proverbial hot water that has characterized the war on corruption in the past”

On 12th May 2015, EACC Chair Mumo Matemu resigned citing personal rights and interests. On 31st May, 2015 the last Commissioner Prof. Jane Onsongo resigned claiming EACC “was incapable of fighting corruption.” His bodyguard, an AP Officer Mr. Joshua Momanyi, had earlier petitioned seeking removal of Prof. Onsongo accusing her of gross misconduct and violating the Constitution by sending her to buy groceries.

On 19th August 2015, Geoffrey Oriaro from Ugenya, the lawyer who had petitioned for sacking of Matemu and Keino was found dead in swimming pool Beach Seafront Chalet Hotel at 4:30AM. His family said he was a good swimmer and was pulled out of the water alive but died at hospital.

On August 29 2015, former Ugenya MP Chris Karan said the fact that the lawyer died barely six months after he filed a petition to oust EACC bosses needed to be investigated. On 24th August 2019, he was arrested by EACC detectives and accused of forging documents used in the election petition.

On 2nd September 2015, Three relatives of Lawyer Geoffrey Oriaro died in a Nakuru road accident on a Wednesday morning, two weeks after he was found dead. Oriaro’s brother Patrick Ochieng and his wife Rose Akoth and their daughter were travelling back from his burial. Patrick had said at the burial that the sudden death “cannot just be left like that.”

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